WordPress Isn’t What I Want

Feb 25 – 1:00pm – I’m at my house and have WordPress opened but I’m watching Photoshop and Dreamweaver tutorials, knowing that…

WordPress Isn’t What I Want

      Sure, with WordPress it’s super easy to use and it takes no time at all to get a blog post up, but that’s where it ends for me. No matter what templates I find…they all just seem kind the same. I know I’m not gonna create some amazing site in a week…but I will have created it and it will be what I want. Kinda. I just want it to look and feel mine and I’m not getting that at all with WordPress. Every site that is based around WordPress seems the same to me and it sucks. That’s not what I want. I want my own custom background, in my own colors, with my own gradient, with my own fonts & pictures all over the place. I want the text to be exactly where I want it to be…again, I just want it to be mine.

      A big part of this too is that I Really want to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver. Shit…I just got to relating this to school. When I was in college I didn’t really want to be there, so I didn’t really take anything away from it. Now I want to learn, I just don’t really have a teacher. I know I would absorb the shit out of all the information…I just don’t have the classroom.

      The hardest part sometimes is not knowing exactly what I want to do…or rather not knowing how to word it right so I can search for and learn about it. So I guess I do have the classroom, being Google, YouTube, etc; I just don’t know what courses to take…sometimes. -Get what I’m sayin? I tend to get way ahead of myself too, as far as trying to learn these programs. I get an idea for something I’d like to do but have no clue how to actually make it happen…then I’ll start researching it. When that happens I just end up wasting time because the info, techniques, etc; are way too advanced for me right now. Like everything else…I feel like I’ve spent so many hours doing “research” but have spent so little time actually putting the stuff into practice.

      Right now I’m gonna open up Photoshop and make a background, some kind of temporary header, and navigation menus. Of course, after that I’m gonna have to get those “pictures” into Dreamweaver and make it all into a working site. -And yeah, I’ll be watching a bunch of different tutorials from a bunch of different people/places while I’m doing all of this. If you have any easy to follow video tutorials please let me know by Emailing Me or leaving a comment.

      This is one of those things where I’m getting way ahead of myself, but in the end I have a pretty good idea of what I want my home page to look like. Or more specifically, most of the content I want on it. The thing is, I don’t know how to get it done. What I want to do is: I want to be able to add content to a random page and the have it update on the main index.html in it’s own section. There will be a few different sections, and inside each section will be a certain number of the most recent “posts” that belong in that section/category. Very similar to what WordPress does actually, but I want more than just one long list of blog posts. Plus, again, for some reason I’m really trying to get away from WordPress. If I can just get that {grab a bit of content from here47.html and put it [here] on the homepage} functionality, and be able to do it multiple times from multiple places…then I’d be golden. I’d be so much more confident in what I’m doing. -Just Knowing that my site Can be what I want it to be will be a great feeling.

      If you have any ideas or suggestion you can Email Me or hit me up on Twitter at @TheLoonacyBin or @CtrldLoonacy

The Tenants Are Getting Their 30 Day Notice

Feb 22 – 8:30am – I’m at my house, and was actually typing and prepping post for TheLoonacyBin.com when I go the news…


We’re Finally Evicting Our Tenants!!

And I Can’t Fucking Wait!


      I really didn’t now who they were when they signed the lease. I don’t even remember exactly what I thought of them at first, but it definitely wasn’t what they ended up being. -It’s a guy and a girl, both in their mid-20′s, and their daughter, who is…young…maybe 1st or 2nd grade. The girl is a short, skinny, troll faced, tiny little bitch…but she runs the show. The guy is tall, dumb, and straight doofy. He just get’s screamed at by her and then goes into some kind of depression hole. Then he yells too. I’ve already done more shit-talking than I really like to do, but I’m just So excited that we’re gonna tell them to get the fuck out. Not in those words I’m sure…but that’s how I feel. The main reasons we want them gone are that they have only paid rent on time Once and are still behind, and the yelling/noise. I really have a thing with loud noise…and these people are just obnoxious. I KNOW there are other posts about these miserable people. So please, go find them.


PS – Those posts are still to come. I’ve only written them down, so I still have to type them up to add here. Soon…

Procrastination Sucks

Feb 20 – 12:20pm – At my house listening to podcasts.


Procrastination Sucks


      I hate it! It’s like I’m afraid to get into a project because I know how wrapped up into it I’ll get. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about playing a game, modding my computer, working on this site…whatever it is…I always end up leaving myself so little time that shit rarely gets done. If I do end up getting into something…that thing is usually doing so much research about the actually project that I end up being so tired I just go to sleep. On the rare occasion I actually end up doing the thing I wanted to…I either only spend an hour or two on it and feel like it was just a tease or I can’t get the job finished, OR, after doing many hours of “research” on the subject I’ll end up spending another 8ish hours doing what I want to. -That’s where the problem is. I know that’s exactly what’s gonna happen…and it ends up sucking, and fucking up whatever schedule I have.

Save The Fish

Feb 20 – 10:30 am – Chillin in my room, listening to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast when…


Keep The Fish Alive!


      I just heard on The Joe Rogan Experience that in 100 years all the wild fish in the ocean will be gone.?!? That seems ridiculous to me! The idea behind it is “exponential growth”. The rate that humans can reproduce is Soo much faster than the “wild fish” and other proteins in the ocean can. Knowing that, “they” think we’ll fish up all the fish in the sea in about 100 years.


      How about we develop some kind of “fish food” pellet that we drop by the ton/s into the middle of huge feeding or breeding grounds? My thinking behind it is how we already (?) engineer vegetables to be Humungous. A restaurant should be able to make a buffet sized salad with one head of lettuce. ← I wish. That’s what I’m thinking though. The thing is…I’m no scientist or engineer, nor some kind agricultural type person or anything like that. Right now I’m just the “idea man”. Either way, within 100 years I think we should have the technology to mass produce some fish food.


P.S. I’m no activist or anything like that either, so Relax.

Be Ready! Shit Is Starting To Happen

Feb 19 – 10:00pm – I’m sitting in the McDonald’s parking lot eating some McBites…writing this:


Be Ready…Shit’s Starting To Happen


      Be ready, bitches! No, this isn’t a bar, so I don’t expect you to Be Ready to fuck. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then just click the link and learn something, stupid. What this is is TheLoonacyBin.com, so I do expect you to be ready to laugh, learn, talk shit, and share info, comments, and anything else you want about whatever you’re reading or whatever is on your mind atm.


      The site is finally “up and running”, but of course it isn’t exactly what I want it to be…at all. Because of that, I think tonight I’m gonna start learning how to edit the CSS (style sheets?). -Maybe figure out how to make a new header, or nav bar, or something like that. If you can’t tell, I’m still not exactly sure what I’m doing or even talking about…so wish me luck…and teach me something if you can. If I’m obviously doing something wrong, or could be doing “it” better or more efficiently when I do start getting things done Please Let Me Know. Even if you have a useful link you know I can learn something from…share it! You can all help to make this place Amazing, and your help n info would be So much appreciated.

-Thanks Everybody!

And have fun while you’re here.

I’m new here.

     Hey, how’s it goin’ everybody? This is just a bs little post to check things out. It’ll prolly only be up for 24 hrs or so, so get your screen-shots of the site on day one in now…they might be worth something when this place blows the fuck up.

      Check back often tho, bc now that this place is semi- up and running…I’ll be updating stuff all the time. -Not just blog posts and content like that, but as I learn how to, I’ll be updating the “look and feel” of the site with Dreamweaver. -I’m all excited about that, I can’t even lie. So yeah, come back soon because there is Plenty more on the way.