Steam Summer Sale

Steam Summer Sale

Yet another thing I Love! Saving cash on video games…and Steam is awesome for that in general, but their Summer Sale is on another level. They have All kinda of games for crazy discounts…like 75%, 80% off, etc;. Like I said, they have all different kinds of games on sale. Indie games and packs, Arcade style games, and “Triple A” titles too. There is also a section where you can vote on which game you want to be on sale next. That happens every 8 hours or so. Then there are even more limited time sales under that. I’m not sure of the timing of those sales, but they seem to range from 2-6 hours each. That can’t be right though, so please correct me.

If you found this site and told me you’ve never heard of Steam or their Summer Sale I wouldn’t believe you…so hopefully you’ve checked everything out for yourself already. -What did you get?

I only bought a few games so far, but it’s kind of exciting to find out what’s on sale next. What I did get was Raymam Origins and Payday. I was super happy when I saw both of them on sale. I have Rayman on a list of game I want…I was just waiting for a good sale. Payday has been in the back of my head since it’s release. I just couldn’t pay full price for something I really had no idea about. I just keep seeing better things about it, so again…I was just waiting for a good sale. Of course, the Steam Summer Sale comes through in the clutch.

I also got the 2K Strategy Pack from Amazon. It contains Civilization 5 Game of the Year Edition, which includes all but 2 of the DLCs. The pack also came with Civilization 4 Complete (All of the DLC) and a game called Stronghold which I’ve never heard of and still haven’t installed.

There are also almost always great deals on Amazon too, but for me they seem harder to find and I’m usually just following a link when I do find them.

So yeah, what games have you gotten on sale recently? And from where? -What sales am I missing?

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