Do They All Need A Proper Title?

Do They All Need A Proper Title?

Nothing crazy has been goin on…I just felt like checkin in. I’ve been getting kinda tired of Diablo 3 over the past week or so, and at the same time I’ve been thinking about playing other games. Specifically World of Warcraft and the “new” expansion for Civilization V, Gods & Kings. I have a feeling I’ll be playing WoW again pretty soon, but not yet. Instead, I went with Gods & Kings. I’m Super-cheap, so I got it from GreenManGaming for about $22.50.

I played for about 4 hours last night. I started with the demo. Played that for about 15 mins before dinner, knowing that if I liked it I would download it while I’m eating…which happened. All the game needed was that 15 mins to suck me right back in. It’s still a little weird not being able to stack units…it feels more odd for the reason that I’ve never really been a militaristic player and stacking just seems like something that you should be able to do. I’m almost at Theology so I’ll get to see how religion works out later tonight.

Before I get into Civ 5 I’m gonna squeeze in an hour or 2 of Diablo 3. Not sure which character yet though. Maybe I’ll put some time on the Barbarian actually. He’s like level 25 and is about to start Act 3…my favorite Act of the game, by far. I just like the wintery world and the huge packs of mobs. Yeah, I think that’s what’s gonna happen.

You can always try to hit me up on Twitter if you ever wanna play. – @CtrldLoonacy

Things I Love

Things I Love

I love happy people. I love my animals, or yours…or just that squirrel over there. I love the KFC Bowl…with extra cheese. I love where I usually eat lunch, and the people that are there. I love security…and peace. And peace and quiet. I love Crystal Light…lately their Fruit Punch. I love corn dogs. What?!? I love marijuana…and smoking it in blunts. I love the idea of things like DMT and medicinal mushrooms, pot, etc;. I love my computer, probably literally. I love technology and electronics and medical research…very literally. I love the internet, but not always what it breeds. I love podcasts. I love video games, and gaming, and the people that create and play and appreciate them, and the entire culture around the idea of them. I don’t really like run on sentences. I love credit cards. I love Netflix and the idea of having everything “On Demand”. I used to love That 70′s Show, but that was a long time ago. I Do still love Big Brother though. I love torrents. I love having this site and being able to put Anything I want to on it. And yes, I love my mommy.

It’s been a few months…

…and I’ve felt like adding to this for a while now. Nothing specific really. Mostly just rants and my thoughts and ideas about Diablo 3. -The game that’s been taking up most of my time lately. I almost forgot how to do this. I’ll try to get the colors right n all.


But what to write about? I did some thinking, and some looking around the site…and I’ve definitely come to a conclusion. Fucking Spammers! I’ve also decided that topic deserves it’s own thread, which can be found “Here”. So what else can I talk about in This post? Well, I thought of something else just now that I will also make an entire post for. “Gaming: Where and What?”


Seems like this post just ended up being a little kick-starter to get my ass in gear. Didn’t need much, I guess. I just hope I can keep up.


Those post will be coming within the night. -Thanks for reading…and keep checkin back.

The Tenants Are Getting Their 30 Day Notice

Feb 22 – 8:30am – I’m at my house, and was actually typing and prepping post for when I go the news…


We’re Finally Evicting Our Tenants!!

And I Can’t Fucking Wait!


      I really didn’t now who they were when they signed the lease. I don’t even remember exactly what I thought of them at first, but it definitely wasn’t what they ended up being. -It’s a guy and a girl, both in their mid-20′s, and their daughter, who is…young…maybe 1st or 2nd grade. The girl is a short, skinny, troll faced, tiny little bitch…but she runs the show. The guy is tall, dumb, and straight doofy. He just get’s screamed at by her and then goes into some kind of depression hole. Then he yells too. I’ve already done more shit-talking than I really like to do, but I’m just So excited that we’re gonna tell them to get the fuck out. Not in those words I’m sure…but that’s how I feel. The main reasons we want them gone are that they have only paid rent on time Once and are still behind, and the yelling/noise. I really have a thing with loud noise…and these people are just obnoxious. I KNOW there are other posts about these miserable people. So please, go find them.


PS – Those posts are still to come. I’ve only written them down, so I still have to type them up to add here. Soon…

Save The Fish

Feb 20 – 10:30 am – Chillin in my room, listening to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast when…


Keep The Fish Alive!


      I just heard on The Joe Rogan Experience that in 100 years all the wild fish in the ocean will be gone.?!? That seems ridiculous to me! The idea behind it is “exponential growth”. The rate that humans can reproduce is Soo much faster than the “wild fish” and other proteins in the ocean can. Knowing that, “they” think we’ll fish up all the fish in the sea in about 100 years.


      How about we develop some kind of “fish food” pellet that we drop by the ton/s into the middle of huge feeding or breeding grounds? My thinking behind it is how we already (?) engineer vegetables to be Humungous. A restaurant should be able to make a buffet sized salad with one head of lettuce. ← I wish. That’s what I’m thinking though. The thing is…I’m no scientist or engineer, nor some kind agricultural type person or anything like that. Right now I’m just the “idea man”. Either way, within 100 years I think we should have the technology to mass produce some fish food.


P.S. I’m no activist or anything like that either, so Relax.