Do They All Need A Proper Title?

Do They All Need A Proper Title?

Nothing crazy has been goin on…I just felt like checkin in. I’ve been getting kinda tired of Diablo 3 over the past week or so, and at the same time I’ve been thinking about playing other games. Specifically World of Warcraft and the “new” expansion for Civilization V, Gods & Kings. I have a feeling I’ll be playing WoW again pretty soon, but not yet. Instead, I went with Gods & Kings. I’m Super-cheap, so I got it from GreenManGaming for about $22.50.

I played for about 4 hours last night. I started with the demo. Played that for about 15 mins before dinner, knowing that if I liked it I would download it while I’m eating…which happened. All the game needed was that 15 mins to suck me right back in. It’s still a little weird not being able to stack units…it feels more odd for the reason that I’ve never really been a militaristic player and stacking just seems like something that you should be able to do. I’m almost at Theology so I’ll get to see how religion works out later tonight.

Before I get into Civ 5 I’m gonna squeeze in an hour or 2 of Diablo 3. Not sure which character yet though. Maybe I’ll put some time on the Barbarian actually. He’s like level 25 and is about to start Act 3…my favorite Act of the game, by far. I just like the wintery world and the huge packs of mobs. Yeah, I think that’s what’s gonna happen.

You can always try to hit me up on Twitter if you ever wanna play. – @CtrldLoonacy


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