It’s been a few months…

…and I’ve felt like adding to this for a while now. Nothing specific really. Mostly just rants and my thoughts and ideas about Diablo 3. -The game that’s been taking up most of my time lately. I almost forgot how to do this. I’ll try to get the colors right n all.


But what to write about? I did some thinking, and some looking around the site…and I’ve definitely come to a conclusion. Fucking Spammers! I’ve also decided that topic deserves it’s own thread, which can be found “Here”. So what else can I talk about in This post? Well, I thought of something else just now that I will also make an entire post for. “Gaming: Where and What?”


Seems like this post just ended up being a little kick-starter to get my ass in gear. Didn’t need much, I guess. I just hope I can keep up.


Those post will be coming within the night. -Thanks for reading…and keep checkin back.

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