Save The Fish

Feb 20 – 10:30 am – Chillin in my room, listening to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast when…


Keep The Fish Alive!


      I just heard on The Joe Rogan Experience that in 100 years all the wild fish in the ocean will be gone.?!? That seems ridiculous to me! The idea behind it is “exponential growth”. The rate that humans can reproduce is Soo much faster than the “wild fish” and other proteins in the ocean can. Knowing that, “they” think we’ll fish up all the fish in the sea in about 100 years.


      How about we develop some kind of “fish food” pellet that we drop by the ton/s into the middle of huge feeding or breeding grounds? My thinking behind it is how we already (?) engineer vegetables to be Humungous. A restaurant should be able to make a buffet sized salad with one head of lettuce. ← I wish. That’s what I’m thinking though. The thing is…I’m no scientist or engineer, nor some kind agricultural type person or anything like that. Right now I’m just the “idea man”. Either way, within 100 years I think we should have the technology to mass produce some fish food.


P.S. I’m no activist or anything like that either, so Relax.